The amazing powers of the Powernaps

Our ability to solve tasks is getting worse throughout the day and there seems to be nothing to prevent this. This was believed until recently. But now the tide has turned. A small, sweet and inconspicuous helper can drive away fatigue and decreasing performance.

For a long time he was ridiculed and regarded as a weakling. But now his time has come and he is here to help mankind to great things. He will soon scare away tiredness and bring well-being, creativity and clarity into human society. His name is Powernap and his cuteness is only a camouflage of his incredible power, which he generously gives to those who have recognized his magnificence. Sometimes the Powernap is also called a nap. Yes, it is cute and perhaps that is why it is so powerful.

A nap at noon is good for your health

In a Greek study, it was found that people who regularly do powernaps suffer 37% less from heart disease. The Power Nap also has a positive effect on your overall health by helping you to cope with the stress you have experienced. So daytime sleep is certainly one of the most pleasant and relaxed ways to take care of your health.

When you reach the end of this post, you will be so in love with Powernap that you want to see it every day. You will have to think of him every day and you won’t be able to imagine him out of your life.

Improving concentration and performance with a Powernap

One of the greatest superpowers of the Powernap is that it improves concentration and performance like no other method.

As you can see in the picture above, a nap can bring you back the full concentration and performance you would otherwise only have after 8 hours of sleep.

But not only that: with the Powernap you will also feel much more balanced and comfortable, which will also have a positive effect on your relationships and all other areas of life.

A longer nap of 60-90 minutes will also help you to better process what you have learned and experienced. It also improves your fine motor skills and emotional well-being.

If you start to relax more often, you may come up with such brilliant ideas as this Powernap Machine.

Born to take a nap

It is in accordance with our biological rhythm to sleep at least twice a day. It is only since industrialization that we have started to take a nap only once a day. However, we are the only living beings who sleep only once a day and have not yet adapted to it biologically.

People who worked during lunch time used to be considered crazy. What can be concluded is that people have seen: It negatively affects our mental health if we don’t take a nap at noon.

For example, some cultures used to tell stories of evil spirits that haunt you when you don’t sleep at noon. These evil spirits fear the Powernap, understandably.

Become a Powernap Master

Most people who try to take a Powernap for the first time make mistakes and give up early. Don’t be one of them! Study the teachings of the Powernap and become a Powernap Master; so that you can use the power of the nap at any time and any place. May the power of the Powernap be with you.

It may well take a while for you and the Powernap to get along. This is quite normal because you probably ignored him for a long time and didn’t want anything to do with him. But don’t worry, the Powernap will quickly forgive you if you pay it some attention regularly.

Maybe the Powernap doesn’t come immediately when you lie down. Then just try to relax as well as you can and consciously, even if you don’t necessarily fall asleep. Here also a few relaxation exercises can help, which we use e.g. also in the Jicki language showers. Even if you don’t fall asleep directly, it can have a very positive effect to simply relax consciously for a while and close your eyes.

Powernap Tip: To make it easier, always get up as soon as your alarm goes off. This way you train your subconscious to have only these 25 minutes (or however long your Powernap goes) to sleep and there is no extension. This will set your subconscious to fall asleep as quickly as possible.

In other cultures the Powernap is a tradition.

In other countries it is common to take a nap: In many countries in Asia, South America and Southern Europe, for example. In Japan there are even salons that are only there to allow people to take a short nap. You can rent a sleeping cabin for 30 to 90 minutes for some money to make a small powernap.

All over the world there are more and more employers who allow their employees to take a nap as it has been shown to increase well-being and productivity.

I also sometimes do a powernap in the Jicki office 🙂 After that I can go to work much more concentrated and energetic again. The Powernap and I have become good friends; you could almost say lovers.

Many people in Germany unfortunately don’t appreciate a break yet. However, we can change that by starting to value the Powernap more ourselves. Then it won’t take long for others to appreciate the sweet and pleasant presence of the nap.

The way to the Powernap Jedi is easy and pleasant, at least if you follow the teachings of the Jickians. Their Jedi powers have also been used in the Jicki language showers, so that you can learn languages in deepest relaxation.

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