Spiritual Awakening Signs

What’s the meaning of life? Why am I here? Who am I? If these and similar questions bother you, you may be in the middle of the process of awakening. Often there is a trigger that begins your spiritual awakening. This can be a crisis, like a burnout, a physical or mental illness. But it can also be that you have had a very memorable awakening experience that questions everything you have experienced, believed and believed so far. More and more people become part of this process and especially at the beginning it is difficult to understand what is going on with you.

Especially since it can be a challenge to find people with whom you can talk about your experiences.

If you are wondering if you are in the process of awakening, this list will help you. I have enumerated signs that in my opinion and experience are characteristic of awakening.

Awakening is a process of development that transforms your life on all levels.

You are often tired and your sleeping habits have changed

When you wake up, it does something to your body. Awakening is very exhausting for him. Therefore, you may often feel tired and exhausted and may not want to get up in the morning.

Support your body as much as possible by giving it peace and quiet and taking in plenty of water. Walks in the fresh air are also very good and support your body in the development process that naturally takes place when you wake up.

Through the adjustments in your body and your energy field, it can also be that your sleep times change. Maybe you would like to have a midday nap during the day and feel the need to go to bed earlier. Many people report that they wake up in the middle of the night and can no longer sleep. This may also be related to the process of spiritual awakening.

You have a great need for rest and retreat

Did you like going to parties in the past, had a lot of friends and were very sociable? When you wake up it can happen that you long for peace and loneliness and don’t feel like celebrating any more.

There is so much going on inside that you only wish for peace and quiet outside and have no capacity to surround yourself with others.

This can lead friends and acquaintances to ask you what is going on with you. Because you no longer behave the way they are used to from you. Probably you are also wondering yourself about your pronounced retreat behaviour. My experience is that it is very important that you allow yourself a lot of peace and solitude in this phase of change.

Your emotions ride roller coaster

Like most people, all your life you have repressed unpleasant experiences and swept them under the carpet of your subconscious. This has worked very well for a long time, but in the meantime you are no longer able to do it and everything is pushing from the depths to the surface. With this process it is also connected that the repressed emotions come up. So sometimes you may cry for days, feel incredibly angry, anxious or jealous.

These old feelings go through a liberation process and come out of your subconscious. What is actually a reason for joy can occasionally bring you to your limits and demand a lot from you. Therefore: Be merciful to yourself in these times, allow yourself breaks and be patient.

With the feelings also memories come to the surface again. These memories also want to be processed and integrated.

You don’t feel like you belong anywhere

Do you sometimes feel alone and like nobody understands you? Do you feel like an alien with your old friends and wonder if something is wrong with you?

This is also a normal side effect of the awakening process.

You have higher sensory perceptions

In the old consciousness our mind stands above everything. We identify with it and learn that it is our most important tool to get along in the world and to achieve our goals.

In the process of awakening you will encounter many things that you cannot possibly explain with your mind. You will notice that you are getting more and more access to your intuition and higher sensory perception. You perceive more and more.

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