Sending Parcels to Denmark

Danes love online shopping: 93% of the population has Internet access (only 83% in Germany) and with 26% growth in e-commerce, Denmark is also ahead of Germany (only 9.4%). As Denmark’s most important trading partner, Germany benefits from the desire to shop in our neighbouring country. Cross-border parcel shipping cost from us to singapore also makes it easier for private individuals to sell something to Denmark via eBay, for example.

Buyers and sellers also benefit from the fact that, as a rule, no customs formalities have to be observed because Denmark and Germany are EU members. If necessary, the conversion from Danish Krone to Euro should be taken into account when processing payments. The Danish population has rejected the introduction of the euro currency.

Price comparison for Denmark packages

The price comparison calculator determines the cheapest tariff for packages to Denmark for you. The postage of DHL, Hermes, GLS, DPD and other parcel services is compared. How to find the cheapest parcel service for your parcel size.

Please note that the prices shown do not apply to parcel shipments to the Faroe Islands and Greenland. These areas belong to Denmark, but are subject to customs duty.

How do I write a Danish postal address?

Most Danish postal addresses are structured and arranged in the same way as a German postal address. The first line contains the recipient’s name (or recipient’s name), followed by the street with the house number, and the last line contains the four-digit postcode with the city name. For international shipments, the country name must of course also be specified. It is best to use German and English in capital letters.

Note: Sometimes the city district is mentioned below the street name. In the following example, the address is “Indre By”. This information is actually only necessary if there are several streets in different city districts. Usually in Copenhagen the city districts are represented with letters. For example, there are “København K”, “København V”, and so on.

Important: Please include the recipient’s telephone number on the parcel label. In Denmark, parcel recipients are usually informed of new parcels by telephone or SMS so that they can pick them up at the post office.

How can I track a parcel to Denmark?

In principle, you can use the tracking service on the German website of the parcel service that you have commissioned to transport your parcel to Denmark. For example

However, if the parcel is handed over to another postal company in the country of destination (DHL -> Post Danmark), in some cases Post Danmark may display more data on its own website than DHL.

Letters to Denmark

A letter to Denmark takes about 2 to 3 working days. The same applies vice versa: From Denmark to Germany, postcards and letters also take about 2 to 3 working days. In Denmark, post is also delivered on Saturdays.

Shipping to Denmark: how to find a reliable supplier

All entrepreneurs who want to supply customers not only in Germany, but also abroad, and who are important for sending parcels abroad, do so because the possibilities of internationalisation are clear to them. But this is where shipping preparation comes in, because international parcel shipping must always function smoothly. Of course, you can have a parcel sent to Denmark once in a lifetime, but if that happens often, then you need a reliable parcel service provider who has been active in the industry for years and offers good value for money.

The price has its place, but you don’t have to forget the scope of services and personal service. In order for you to make the most of your valuable time and your shipment to Denmark always runs smoothly, we have checked all local suppliers and offer you the best. Our service is suitable for these companies who want to make their international parcel shipping as easy, quick and inexpensive as possible.

Parcel to Denmark – the EU makes it much easier

What do you have to do before sending a parcel to Denmark? Not so much. As Denmark is part of the EU, shipping is basically the same as domestic shipping. No customs regulations, no customs declaration – doing business with the country is super easy. But all the rules of our neighbours in Vikingland have not been deleted – if, for example, you want to import food, we will be happy to tell you what you need. We recommend in any case that you inform yourself about this on as well.

When the goods have already been sold and packed, you can start the data import and have shipping labels automatically printed for your parcels to Denmark – or buy extended insurance for certain valuable shipments manually. Then stick on the shipping labels and off you go!

Import regulations for shipments to Denmark

If you want to send a parcel to Denmark from Germany, then regularly the import regulations are very friendly. Denmark was a member of the European Union and the Customs Union from the beginning, which in turn means that Denmark’s import regulations are EU oriented and have in principle been developed for imports from countries outside the EU. The customs regulations are also very clear: because of the customs union your parcel does not need any papers to Denmark.

It is the same with commercial sales and shipping to Denmark, so you do not have to worry about import regulations and customs regulations. If you want to ensure that every package to Denmark always gets the cheapest and most suitable price according to weight and dimensions, use our best-choice service.


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