Physical and Mental Health

When I started looking for psychiatric therapy for my own clinical depression I can not envision that this was the beginning of a 19-year journey.

I have actually already provided you with many explanations in my write-ups. Here remain in a few words my crucial lessons:

– You have inherited a wild conscience which is entirely silly. This is your primitive principles, which didn’t evolve like your human side. Your wild side inhabits the most significant part of your mind. It is your pet side, which maintains trying to damage the human side of your conscience with madness in order to manage your actions.

– The subconscious mind that generates your dreams talks with your human side via photos and also scenes, shielding you from the strikes of the anti-conscience which is your immoral and also violent wild side.

– All desired images have a symbolic meaning, which follows the desired logic, and also not the logic of your human conscience. This means that you must absolutely study the desired language in order to comprehend the meaning of the dream pictures that show up in your desires. These pictures are dream symbols that provide you with extremely essential messages.

– Carl Jung took care to uncover the covert definition of desires, as I could verify with my work. I proceeded with his research study while utilizing his method of dream analysis. I discovered the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience, that Jung can not see since he quit his research study at a specific factor. The anti-conscience prompts all current mental disorders within the human side of our principles.

– I additionally discovered that the unconscious mind has a magnificent origin, as well as it is much wiser than what Jung concluded with the expertise he had. The subconscious mind can heal any kind of mental disease or physical condition by curing our subconscious. Unconscious psychiatric therapy is based on the removal of the anti-conscience by transforming it into a favorable part of our human side.

The anti-conscience comes from you; it is your primitive individuality. You can not read its ideas since you can not penetrate right into its mind. Nevertheless, it can pass through into the human side of your principles and also disrupt your ideas.

The anti-conscience is unreasonable as well as violent. It benefits from your despair to supply ridiculous solutions to your problems.

Never try to address trouble by accepting what is bad as well as unethical, due to the fact that this is how the anti-conscience will take care of to ruin the human side of your principles. The anti-conscience’s remedies appear camouflaged as if they were rational ones. Nevertheless, as you follow them you are dominated by craziness, ending up in fear.

You need to examine dream interpretation according to the scientific approach and discover the desired language, to make sure that you might be able to conserve your psychological health from the anti-conscience’s strikes. You’ll obtain ideal mental health and wellness for life if you study as well as apply the dream knowledge you will be receiving.

This is just how you will certainly likewise find physical wellness, peace, knowledge, love, and joy in life, due to the fact that every little thing relies on your perspective.

The wild beast that exists inside you should not change you into a beast. Of course not! You need to change the monster into a wise, delicate, and humble human.

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