How Organizations Use Instagram Stories

Instagram is the new Facebook and Instagram Stories is the better snapchat. Instagram Stories have established themselves, but do not yet enjoy the status of the Facebook News Feed, for example. That will soon be over. Not only are stories supposed to replace the news feed, they have top priority on Facebook and Instagram.

There are 15 million Instagram users in Germany and just as many companies have converted their profile into an Instagram Business account.

Many companies already have reach and are marketing on Instagram. Unlike Snapchat, you don’t have to set up a new account or reach. In terms of reach alone, buy instagram story views is a great argument for companies.

Over 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day. That means they either create their own content for Instagram Stories or they consume content from friends, influencers or Instagram Stories from companies.

How companies use Instagram Stories

Entertaining, entertaining and varied content. So content for stories can be described briefly and concisely. How should this corporate content look like and which features should be used?

Stories present themselves as a very effective format for brands and companies. On August 2, 2018, the story format celebrated its second birthday and the numbers speak for themselves.

One third of the most respected stories come from brands and companies. It quickly becomes clear that as a company you have to deal with stories. As prominently as the format is integrated into the app and as aggressively as Instagram continues to communicate it, you now have to exploit the possibilities. It won’t be any easier in the coming months, as competition in stories will increase significantly. We will be heading towards the same situation as in Facebook News Feed and a tightening of the Instagram Story algorithm is only a matter of time.

Another advantage for companies is that those who deal with Instagram Stories will also work better with Facebook Stories or WhatsApp Status, for example. Stories are now available almost everywhere.

By June 2017, more than 50% of companies had published at least one Instagram Story on Instagram. Instagram consists of the Instagram Feed…and the Instagram Stories Feed.

What makes a good Instagram Story?

What content do people want to see in the Instagram Stories of companies? How should they be presented and what actions do they perform after viewing a story?

Facebook has conducted a survey on the use of stories and the requirements of company content. Once again, product communication on Instagram is an important component.

51% want to see product information and offers in Instagram stories from companies. Another 44% expect announcements of new products as Instagram Stories.

This does not mean that the products should be clapped into the story as in brochures. On the contrary. Stories have to be informative, easy to understand, companies have to present themselves in an approachable way and the story has to be authentic. People don’t expect glossy productions.

Effect on purchasing behavior through Instagram Stories

If people look at stories of companies in which products and services are communicated, interest in the company increases by 62%. We have summarized for you how stories still affect buying behaviour.

When you create Instagram Stories, there are many options available to companies. For Instagram, stories are a top priority and when you look at the updates, there are significantly more new features for creating Instagram Stories than for the Instagram Feed.

How long should an Instagram Story be?

Experimenting and quickly testing new features is always good. However, companies should keep a few points in mind with Instagram Stories. A crucial point with Instagram Stories is the length and number of contents. The same question arises with Snapchat, but Instagram is a completely different environment.

While Snapchat lives from group news and Snapchat stories, the core of Instagram is the Feed, Stories and for some time IGTV. Once the Instagram app is opened, users must make a decision.

If I take a look at some Instagram Stories first, I’ll devote my attention to the Instagram Feed, or I’ll get involved with a new IGTV video. With over 400 million users, it should be clear to everyone that Instagram Stories are a very frequent choice. Tendency strongly rising.

If users decide for the stories, the order of the displayed stories is decisive on the one hand, but also the length of the story. An analysis by Snapalytics has shown that Snapchat Stories with 8 contents achieve the best results. In other words, most users look at the story from start to finish. One to one, this is certainly not transferable to Instagram, but it is a value that can be used as a good orientation for your first attempts.

In a further analysis by Buffer, it was found that the optimal length of an Instagram Story is seven times the content. If there are more, the so-called drop rate increases by up to 70 %.

You probably know this from very long snapchat stories. You look at the first contents and then more and more contents are skipped or the story is closed. On Instagram, stories of companies are not only in competition with other stories. They also compete with the Instagram Feed.


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