Crossfit Exercises At Home

Can you actually CrossFit exercises that you can do at home without devices and without CrossFit box?

Yes, and yes! Although many CrossFit exercises also contain units for which you need additional weights, there are also those that are quite effective without weights.

Ergo: additional fitness equipment is not absolutely necessary.

The exercises that we would like to present to you today are ideal for a workout in your own four walls.

After all, you don’t always have time or desire to go to the gym just for a few training sessions.

In this article you will first find a few basics about CrossFit. We explain what it is, for whom it is suitable, what it brings and explain the basic terms.

Below you will find 36 CrossFit training plans for your home, which heat up your metabolism and bring your body fat burning up to speed.

So music on and off you go…

What actually is Crossfit? Basics & History

We have all heard the term CrossFit a few times, but what exactly can we imagine by it? CrossFit stands for a training philosophy that was developed and perfected by Greg Glassman over several years in the States, where 😉 is located.

His goal was to improve people’s health and fitness. CrossFit consists of varied functional movements with strong tempo changes. The workouts integrate the best elements from gymnastics, weight lifting, running, rowing and many more.

Glassman designed the CrossFit WODs based on the basic movements we need in everyday life, such as pulling, pushing, bending, lifting and rotating – loads that are vertical, horizontal and diagonal. The time factor also plays an important role in CrossFit.

It is about the ideal maximization of effort in the shortest possible time. Intensity is decisive for the results, because the more exercises you do in a shorter time, the more intensive the success.

By using always varied exercises from functional movements and intensity, CrossFit brings us to the desired success in health and fitness.

Who is CrossFit suitable for? Target group
CrossFit has so far been practiced more in boot camps or police schools.

Soldiers, professional athletes and other elite units have been made ready for action with CrossFit, as they have achieved quick and effective results.

Over the years, however, this training method has established itself more and more in our “normal” latitudes and is offered more and more in fitness studios.

But don’t panic now! You don’t have to be a sports veteran to do this sport. CrossFit Workouts are an uncanny challenge, but they are also very flexible and good trainers can quickly assess your personal fitness level and then customize the exercises to your individual needs.

The idea behind CrossFit is that it is a form of training that is suitable for everyone. Whether you are an absolute fitness beginner or a professional athlete – everyone will find their place here.

Gender, age and performance level are completely irrelevant here, according to founder Glassman.

Everyone has it in their own hands how intensive the units are. You design everything completely freely and according to your own taste.

You determine the exercises with the number, the repetitions and the speed according to your own needs and increase from time to time. You will quickly notice that you feel much fitter and healthier within a very short time.

So take up your challenge and challenge yourself, you will be proud of yourself!

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