About Us

Why Annuaire Morbihan?

Because we want to save ourselves, and you, from the bad information that misleads and poisons us every day.

Today, we have an ocean of information sources on fitness, diet and weight training, which floods us with miracle solutions recommended by “experts”. We all have many questions and desires, and there are an infinite number of available answers, each more attractive than the next.

So we decided to simplify the process, and explain to you, with sources and research to support it, what you really need to know to achieve your goal. We do research, analyze studies, and test everything in order to filter the intoxication and deliver the best to you.

Our method? We question everything, look for evidence, and make our opinion. And we encourage you to do the same.

Why Annuaire Morbihan?

  • Because we want to protect our bodies from the bad information that leads us to consume unnecessary supplements, or to bully ourselves with restrictive diets.
  • Because we want to save our health from a bad diet that poisons us every day, especially through certain consumer products.
  • Because we can achieve the body and health we dream of while being responsible, respecting our environment and taking the time to do things.
  • Because we love superhero stories! And a person who improves his diet every week, exercises a little more, gradually gains confidence, becomes the hero of his daily life.

You need the perseverance of a hero to be able to train properly and eat well. There are many pitfalls and mirages in the fitness world, between misinformation, approximate advice and false solutions. Taking care of your body every day has become a real feat!

The Annuaire Morbihan philosophy

We want to inspire you to make positive changes that will improve your life. Everyone can achieve their health goal, absolutely everyone. But we still need to listen to the right advice and apply effective solutions.

Our role: to give you the keys to exercise properly, eat healthy, and gradually improve your figure, health and well-being.

Our credo is “Take back control of your body and your life”: if you trust us, we will support you in achieving your goal so that, every day, you wake up more fit than the previous one.

Eat better, get a little stronger, run a little faster, regain control of your body. Gain confidence, change your life.

Why we are different

  • We question everything. We do research, analyze all possible studies and sources before making an opinion.
  • We test on ourselves everything we recommend. Honesty is at the heart of the relationship we want to establish with our readers. It is not our work, but really a passion and a way of life that we have adopted.
  • We make pleasure our main source of motivation. We do not believe that it is necessary to “suffer” to gain muscle or lose weight. How can we maintain good health throughout our lives if we have to suffer to achieve it? Would you rather play Jokari than run on a rug? You’re absolutely right!
  • We eat real food, and in an amount adapted to our needs. We are aware that 80% of our physical results are directly related to nutrition. We therefore ensure that we eat as well as possible.
  • We can’t find an excuse for that. We all have a job, a family, friends or a pet that “prevents” us from staying fit. Instead of using it as an excuse, we seek solutions to improve our daily lives, and make fitness and health the defining elements of our lives.
  • We are not afraid to reveal truths, and to make enemies. We are not funded by any company, which gives us absolute freedom in what we say.
  • We are also outdoor animals. We do not let ourselves be totally caught up in modern life, and free up time to get some fresh air, walk around, and enjoy the sun.